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Increases aroma (terpenes) and oil concentration.


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Ripen is a liquid nutrient that has been specifically engineered and developed to provide these essential macronutrients in your high value crops life. Use Ripen during the final one-to-two weeks to promote robust flower and fruit production. Think of Ripen as an investment in your plants. BENEFITS OF USING RIPEN 0.5-7-6: Cost effective and concentrated this easy to use liquid formulation is highly soluble allowing for easy mixing. Balanced ratios of phosphorus and potassium allow for calculated doses of vital macronutrients increasing aroma (terpenes) and oil concentration. Use along with any Hawthorne® brand base nutrients and supplements to encourage your plants to live up to their potential of producing huge sticky flowers. High phosphorus and potassium encourages the production of flowers for maximum productivity and yield and pushes plants to produce an increased number of flowering sites.

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