About Hydroshack

Our team of experienced grow professionals strive to deliver fair and honest indoor hydroponic, coco, and soil growing advice to our clients. The Hydroshack team wants you to be a success whether you run a large commercial operation, have a small herb garden, grow tent, new hemp grower, or fit somewhere in between. We treat each and every client with respect and fairness as we work on building lasting relationships founded on trust and mutual success.

We have a full line of Soil, Coco, Nutrients (Advanced, Athena, Botanicare, Cyco, Dyna Grow, Emerald Harvest, Flora Flex, Fox Farm, General Hydroponics / Organics, Lotus, Microlife, Nectar for the Gods), air and water pumps, hoses, fittings, net cups, seed starting, cloning, valves, air stones, LED lights, Tents (Gorilla & AC Infinity), fans and filters. Please know that due to Covid backorders we’ve removed about a thousand items from our online inventory. If you want to know if we have something in stock just open a chat, call or send an email. 

Contact or Visit

1138 W 20th Street
Houston, TX 77008

Phone (713) 292-1921
Email sales@hydroshack.com

Store Hours – open 7 days a week!
Monday – Friday:  11AM to 7PM (7 sharp)
Saturday:  11AM to 6PM
Sunday:  12PM to 5PM

Hydroshack BBB Business Review

Visit Us In-Store to Browse or Shop

Store Address:  1138 W 20th Street Houston, TX 77008 across the street from the new Drift Bar. Warning: the street can be a mob scene on weekends because of the bar scene. Be careful of the pedestrians. We have plenty of parking reserved just for you right out front of the store. After your hydro shopping feel free to grab an adult beverage next door.

Why Choose Hydroshack?

Hydroshack is set apart from other hydro stores in several ways. We absolutely have the cleanest store in Houston supported by a vast inventory and knowledgeable staff. We value honesty, integrity, and depth of knowledge in our employees. Our valued staff will help you choose the right products to match your budget and space requirements. We won’t ever over sell to make a quick buck. We will often put items back on the shelf that are unnecessary. Why not plan a visit to Hydroshack and let us help you become a more accomplished gardener?

CBD Products!

Hydroshack proudly carries the highest quality CBD, Delta 8, Delta 10, and Delta O products in Houston! All our CBD and Delta products are ONLY available for in store purchase. Hydroshack stocks the full line of Oil Well CBD products including Gummies, Ropes, Gushers, and Tinctures. We also represent Elyxr, Pure Cannaceutical, Neuro XPF, & Buddies Chocolate CBD bars. 

Visit our clean showroom and learn more about the large variety of CBD products. Let our knowledgeable staff assist you in deciding which CBD product is right for your needs.

These CBD products are not approved by the FDA. Please consult your physician before using any herbal products. Please check with your doctor for any drug interactions or if your have prior medical conditions or if you are pregnant or nursing. Please use all herbal products with knowledge, care and respect as they can be powerful.

THESE ARE ACTUAL PHOTOS FROM OUR STORE, NOT STOCK-PHOTOGRAPHY! In fact the entire website is built around actual in house photos.

Free Delivery!

Free delivery on internet orders over $500.00. Only restriction is large flood tables.

Easy Returns!

Return products that are still in the box, within 14 days for a full refund!

Incredible Value!

We strive to provide the best products, service, and at a fair price!

Great Gift Ideas!

Gift a gift that will really grow with a Hydroshack gift or gift-card!