About Us

About Hydroshack Hydroponics

Hydroshack employs a team of gardening professionals that strive to deliver fair and honest growing advise to our valued clients. We want you to be a successful gardener whether you run a large commercial operation, a small herb garden, or your growing tastes are somewhere in between. We treat each and every client with respect and fairness. In fact, when a customer is checking out at the register we often put items back on shelf that we feel are unnecessary toward your goal. We don’t believe in extracting the maximum dollar sale but instead work on building lasting relationships built on trust and mutual success. Hydroshack can help you choose the right system to match your gardening space and budget. Whether you’re growing indoor, outdoor, hydroponically, in coco, or in soil does not have to be expensive or time consuming. Our knowledgable team of professionals will educate and make appropriate recommendations based on the information you provide regarding your growing environment, budget, and goals. Why not plan a visit to Hydroshack to meet our friendly staff? Let us help you become a more accomplished gardener. You love to garden. Admit it. So do we. That’s why the owner, Chris Powers, opened Hydroshack over 8-years ago in the Houston Heights. So what’s stopping you from creating a fabulous year-round garden with delicious herbs, flowers, and vegetables? Perhaps it’s just too hot and humid to get motivated. Perhaps the idea of weeding has you down. Maybe it’s simply a matter of not having access to an outdoor space to call your own. No matter the excuse for not having a productive garden, you can conquer your concerns if you learn to grow indoors hydroponically or in a rich organic soil. Having a successful indoor garden is actually simple and surprisingly inexpensive. You’ll just love tending your garden in your mosquito-free, air-conditioned environment. Just imagine the climate controlled fun!